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The idea of 'Sweet Secret' was born on 14.04.2018. 

We went for a weekend to my favourite English city- London. It was our anniversary so we wanted to spend some romantic time and celebrate our relationship. 

It was Saturday. The weather was lovely. The Sun was shining. We decided to start our weekend going for the walk along the Thames. I was displeased because my men asked me to go by the Victoria Embankment instead of The Queen's Walk. Eventually I agreed. We took a few photos, ate some breakfast on our way and finally crossed the Thames. 

We were enjoying our walk, weather, views and buskers. My partner asked me to stop and listen some song which, I remember, I didn't like and after that.. I heard a dedication for us. I was sure that something was wrong with my hearing. I also saw some stranger trying to take photos of us... I asked if we can go. But then He took me in the front of the crowd. I could hear my favourite romantic song which is 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran. He embraced me and started to tell me how much he loves me and how important I am for him. Then he dropped down on one knee and asked if I will marry him. Of course, I said YES!!! I was so happy! I was shaking with emotions! I couldn't believe that this is true! 

Then I knew that my hearing was ok and the song has been dedicated and performed for us by busker, Sam Fearon. I also recognised the stranger who is our friend, photographer, Bradley Gommon. 

We celebrate our engagement during a lovely lunch with friends and then, in the evening, party with family. 

It was breathtaking experience which created wonderful memories.

After that my fiancé told me how difficult it was to organise so spectacular proposal. How difficult it was to find a performer and to plan everything in secret. But for me it was really Sweet Secret! 

It was the day when I started to think about making people happy by helping them to organise important moments in their lives. And now, two years later I can finally say that it has happened!