Below you can find our basic packages however they are not limited and we can offer bespoke service. 
If you cannot find your dream idea please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with free, not obligatory quote.

  1. Romantic Walk or Picnic

    You take your beloved for a walk to your favourite place or place recommended by us and on your way you meet sign "Will you marry me" with romantic decorations around or decorated picnic blanket with food and bottle of champagne on it.

    To make this moment special you can add musician to sing your favourite song, photographer or videographer to capture the moment.


  2. Home proposal

    We will decorate your house with flowers, balloons and candles. We decorate the table for romantic dinner and provide the food. 


  3. Love Box

    Big box with balloons and question 'will you marry me'.

    We can deliver the box addressed to your beloved to her home, job or leave it anywhere where you wish. 

    You can add into the box engagement ring, bottle of champagne or whatever you like to make it more special.

    More propositions coming soon.

    You can customise all our packages depending on your preferences. We can also arrange any other scenario special for you. Remember, the sky is the limit!


Love Box

Proposal, Birthday, Anniversary or any other occasion is perfect for our Love Box. We can deliver it to address provided by you. We g
uarantee that it will be a big surprise! The Box is filled with balloons and personal message. You can add little gift tino the box as well.


  1. ​Proposals

    Box filled with 3 red heart shaped balloons, sign 'will you marry me" and your personal message. We deliver the box to the address of your

    You can add little gift, for example bottle of champagne or even engagement ring to make this box more special.

  2. Birthday

    Box filled with 3 balloons: 1 with sign 'Happy Birthday' and 2 stars. We add your personalised wishes as well.

    You can add a little gift into the box like chocolate, wine or jewellery.


  3. Anniversary

    Box filled with 3 balloons: 1 heart and 2 stars in rose gold colour. We also add your personalised message.


  4. Baby

    Box filled with 2 balloons: 1 Micky or Minnie Mouse and 2 hearts. We add your personalised congratulations or wishes and a gift.


  5. Customised Love Box

    If you cannot find the perfect Love Box, we can customised it for you. You can choose the shape and colour of balloons, and other extras you would like to include in the box. The Love box is perfect for every occasion: to say thank you, I am sorry or if you would like to wish someone a good day.





We are happy to help you to arrange your perfect day. We can organise proposals, birthdays, anniversaries or ay other occasions. We will find a perfect venue, performer, photographer, videographer, food, decorations and any other additions. We love challenges. If you cannot find on our website your perfect scenario please do not hesitate to contact us.